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We have a tenant in place until 6/30/2024 with an option to remove the tenant on 1/1/2024

I am working with a contractor and architect to do a few upgrades to the property.


Replace the Roof with all roofs walkable for exterior space
Remove the skylight and install lighting that would simulate the skylight effect

Install ducted mini-splits on 4th, 3rd, 2nd floors
new parlor-level mini-splits on the garden-level floor
basement ducted mini-splits to service 1st parlor floor

Due to the installation of the mini-splits in the bathroom ceilings, we will need to renovate
Bathroom 4 in order to increase useable floor space in the bath and improve access to the roof

Replace all windows and doors with aluminum landmark-approved units by Marvin or similar

August 2023 property notes
The building is the smallest on St.
The systems are all dated
Elevator is a tipping point – addition would require a complete gut
The economy of scale hurts as these systems have fixed costs and cannot be averaged across more square footage
We need to thread the needle between enough improvement to make it solid and desirable and not so much that it wastes the effort.
Our target is the point of diminishing returns.

I hope this gives you a sense of the property and what we are planning.
Your thoughts would be appreciated. Email Us

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