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VCJ Property is a Florida limited Liability Company founded in 2006 to purchase high end residential real estate and improve it for rental. VCJ Property also owns other income producing properties that it leases and make strategic investments with surplus cash flow. All business is conducted with the input and advice of the companies owners. Currently ownership in VCJ Property is closed.

The company does it’s work principally through subcontractors and has several long term relationships with quality real estate managers and professionals. If you are interested in working with VCJ please contact us.



Norman Platt Johnson is the managing director of the company. Mr. Johnson has extensive real estate experience and has been managing rental properties since 1979. Mr. Johnson is currently an associate with Rinker Real Estate in Palm Beach Florida.

From 1974 until 2007 Mr. Johnson was the president of Island Sports Inc. the nations oldest and largest Windsurfing retailer. During that period he grew the company to over 2 million in sales and gathered extensive business experience. The business was successfully sold in 2007 and Mr. Johnson then started full time for VCJ Property, LLC.

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