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38 East 70th Street

Project Start no later than June 30, 2024


  • Hired FGS Architects to produce  “As Built” Survey in Autocad
  • Develop proposals for an elevator
  • Developed designs for 2nd floor outside deck – southern exposure
  • Produced Mechanical proposals for the installation of HVAC
  • Evaluated three bids for window and door replacement

2023-11-01 Hired a Alex Compagno to manage the following scope of work

2024-01-03 Hired the www.windowdoorpro.com Window Company and placed a deposit on the order


2024-02-01 Filed Landmarks paperwork and application

2024-02-12 Paid retainers and signed contracts with engineers for mechanical and structural
They will develop documents that will allow contractors to bid on the work below

Waiting for DOB and Landmarks approval of window replacment




Replace all windows and doors with aluminum landmark-approved units

Replace all roofs with walkable for exterior space suitable for decking
Access stairs to the top roof installed in existing stair well ending in a roof access room
Access door to the 2nd-floor roof through a large french window installed between the existing windows

Remove the older skylights and install new ones as required

Install ducted mini-splits on 4th, 3rd, 2nd floors
new parlor-level mini-splits on the garden-level floor
basement ducted mini-splits to service 1st parlor floor



Renovate bathrooms 2 and 4 in order to increase useable floor space in the bathrooms
New Fixtures


Blow out the back wall from Garden Level to 1st floor parlor and install a two-story window

New Stairs that are easier to walk up and down

Remove all partition walls and closets on the south wall including the old pantry and dumb waiter area to allow light into both of these levels

View of 3rd floor window frame showing lack of maintenance


The home has original single-pane windows that are unable to be maintained anymore

From the 1st floor dining room extension roof looking North at house


The roofs were last replaced 50 years ago and is well past it’s useful live. This complete replacement will add another 50 years to the life of the house.

4th Floor rooftop


The HVAC system was installed in 2008 and is near the end of it’s life. Advancements in Heat Pump technology will allow better heating and cooling of the space.

Inspection of the premises by XL RPM


The 2nd and 4th floor baths will be renovated. The 4th-floor airshaft will be removed to increase floor area.

34-36 Jemal property

Back Yard

The back wall of the house will have new two story windows added

Kitchen on the garden level


The kitchen will be renovated. New tile and cabinets.

Kitchen looking North towards dining area

Kitchen looking North

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