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Photos taken in 2011

This was when the home was used as a private residence for a family of three and a housekeeper. The 3rd-floor front (North) room was converted into a large dressing room and walk-in closet. The tenant also renovated the 2nd and 3rd-floor bathrooms. Their art collection was extensive and their sense of design was colorful and fun. The 2nd floor back bedroom was for their son. The 2nd-floor front was a library and family room.
Some of these were taken by myself and some by a professional photographer. They are for your use in seeing how rooms can be arranged.
The order of these photos is down the left side, then down the middle, then down the right side so that you are virtually walking in the house from 1st floor (front to back) and up to 4th floor (back to front) and then finishing with the garden level. 


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